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Leaps And Bounds Educational Services Education intervention

We're here to help young people excel!

If  you have a child or know of a child who needs a little extra help with their English and Maths, or you just want them to take that leap ahead of the rest. We can help.  

If you are a school wanting to support specific groups of young people to improve or boost their attainment in English/Maths. We can help.

We have a team of DBS checked English and Maths specialists, each with more than a decade of experience and all dedicated to ensuring that young people receive the extra help they require  to reach their full potential.

About Leaps & Bounds

At Leaps & Bounds we are driven by the notion that every learner can excel once they embrace a growth mindset, are given a supportive framework and mastery teaching of key skills.

We are a team of senior leaders, who have an exceptional track record of success in raising attainemnt in our respective schools. We are determined to share our expertise and knowledge to benefit as many students as possible.

Our intervention services aim to support learners who may require additional support to close the gap in their attainment particularly in English and Maths. However, we are equally determined to challenge more able students, who are often unstretched, so that they can achieve the highest standards. We value the need for pupil engagement and take pride in producing materials that students thoroughly enjoy. 

We provide:

  • Private tutoring in English and Maths
  • KS2 and KS4 exam workshops for students
  • Saturday and Evening  masterclasses  for KS2 and KS4 students
  • Bespoke teaching materials for schools